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2020 - 2022 Board of Directors and Committee Goals

Board of Directors Goals

  1. Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of ALSN at the site of its first meeting – Nov. 12th-14th, 2020 – Chapel Hill, NC
    • It will be the Year of the Nurse (Florence Nightingale’s 200th Birthday)
    • Chapel Hill is one of the key sponsors for Nursing Now USA
  2. Develop strategic plan that overlaps the second year of the presidential term and the term of the president-elect
  3. Finance Goals
    • Generate less than 40% of income based on membership
    • Develop and build financial reserves
    • Increase income from the International Conference
    • Increase income from Webinars
    • Participate in budget planning for the International Conference (contacts/deposits/payment schedule)
  4. Continue to work with task force on guidelines/recommendations for MSN and DNP academic programs in leadership
 Program Committee Goals 
  1. Plan and direct activities associated with ALSN International Conferences
  2. 2022 conference Leadership Science in Nursing: Creating New Solutions for New Challenges to be held at Case Western Reserve University, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Cleveland, Ohio
  3. Pre-Conference Workshops
  4. Strengthen partnerships with current & potential sponsors
  5. Continue to increase the number or leaders from practice that attend to strengthen this unique opportunity for collaboration between academia and practice
  6. Increase the participation of the international registrants
  7. Offer annually at least 6 - 7 Webinars on timely hot topics
  8. Lead the development of a successful model for the site selection for future ALSN International Conference

Research Committee Goals

  1. Complete the Delphi Study on research priorities for nursing leadership and administration science
  2. Publish the Delphi study results
  3. Disseminate Delphi study findings at an international/national conference
  4. Initiate the Versant Research grant (develop CFP, oversee recipient selection & award distribution, monitor award management)

Membership Committee Goals

  1. Increase overall ALSN membership by 20% (37 members) by focusing the membership increases on recruiting new membership from practice
  2. Revisit and revise the organizational membership category to advance the 2 goals above
  3. Develop strategy and criteria for recognition of early career emerging leaders and submit to the Board with an implementation plan
  4. Increase international representation within the ALSN membership by 20%

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