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ALSN Call for Nominations

Review the call for nomination and submit your nominations using the form below.

It is that time of year again! David Bailey, in the President’s Column of the July newsletter, shared the importance of nurses influencing organizations by having "a place at the table." You are invited to submit your nomination for one of the positions open for election/re-election by using the nomination form link below.

This is an opportunity to contribute to a growing international organization dedicated to advancing graduate education and research in nursing administration and leadership. ALSN members bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the challenge of leadership development in nursing.

All terms will begin on January 1. ALSN is seeking nominations for the following positions:

Board positions open for re-election (all are 2-year terms; can serve up to 2 full consecutive terms):

  • Secretary, Chair of Bylaws (1 vacancy)
  • Vice President, Programs / Professional Development (1 vacancy)
  • Vice President, Research (1 vacancy)
Committee positions open for election (2-year terms):
  • Succession Planning Committee (3 vacancies)

      Eligibility Criteria

      • Nominees must be active ALSN members for a minimum of 1 year.
      • Nominees must hold a graduate degree in nursing/related field.

      Secretary/Chair of Bylaws Committee shall:

      1. Serve as recording secretary.
      2. Serve as the ALSN Board liaison to ad hoc communication task forces when appointed by the President.
      3. Assure that information relevant to the membership (e.g., minutes, organizational documents, Bylaws) is posted to the ALSN website and that information on the website is current and accurate.
      4. Chair the Bylaws committee.
      5. Review and recommend revisions and changes to ALSN bylaws every two years and as needed.
      6. Coordinate the review and recommended revision to ALSN Policy & Procedure Manual every two years.

      Vice President, Programs/Professional Development shall:

      1. Serve as the Chairperson of the Program Committee and facilitate other membership professional development activities.
      2. Serve as the ALSN Chair of the program planning committee for the ALSN International Conference.
      3. Recommend to the Board additional representatives of ALSN for committees and leadership roles related to ALSN International Conference and other professional development programming.

        Vice President, Research shall:

        1. Chair the research committee.
        2. Develop the call for Proposals for ALSN Research Grants.
        3. Chair or appoint the selection committee for ALSN Research Grant Reviews.
        4. Serve as the ALSN Board liaison for individuals, task forces, or organizations seeking ALSN collaboration on nursing administration/leadership research funding.
        5. Serve as Co-Chair of the AONLF/ALSN Research Advisory Committee.
        6. Coordinate management of the ALSN Research Fund in collaboration with the Treasurer and Finance Committee and guide the Research Committee responsible for governance of the grant including scoring criteria, placing the RFP call, review of the grant proposals, and review of interim reports.

        Duties of the Succession Planning Committee Member

        1. Creates a list of leadership positions that are due for election.
        2. Contacts members individually for nominations, attempting to recruit at least 2 candidates for each open position.
        3. Assists in coordinating the submission of nominations, creation of the ballot and notification of voting results.

        Refer to Bylaws (Articles IV and VII for terms of office and committees) and Policies/Procedures (12.01 for Duties of Officers) for additional information about the positions and responsibilities. For questions/comments, please contact Carol Wahl.

        Nomination & Election Timeline

        • 9-September: Nomination period closes.
        • 12-September: Committee reviews and notifies nominees to be placed on the ballot (nominees are subject to committee & board approval).
        • 16-September: Online voting commences.
        • 30-September: Online voting closes.
        • 14-October: ALSN Board will certify the vote and candidate notifications will be sent by email.
        • 3-November: Successful candidates introduced at the ALSN Membership Meeting (in Cleveland during the ALSN 2022 International Conference).
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